Top Best Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online 2018

Top Best Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online 2018: Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company located in Menlo Park, California. Its website was launched on March 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, with Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo Severin, Andrew McCallum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. How to hack Facebook account password ? Perhaps this is the most commonly asked, searched and asked questions. People ask, “how to hack Facebook account“, “is there any Facebook hack software“, “any method for Facebook hack online” and what not!

Today, in this tutorial, we will help and guide you along the way hack Facebook account password. So, let’s move on!

Top Best Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online 2018

How to hack Facebook account online In 1 Minute?

This method has been put in the first place because it is best that you can guarantee Facebook hacks in an easy way, less time and effort. This is also convenient because you do not really hack into Facebook, but rather make a fool of its goals. In fact, you create a fake page that is actually a mirror of the Facebook website, then you send it to your goal which enters your Facebook password, comes in your trap. That’s crazy right!

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Phase 1

For this, you need a hack Facebook script, a web hosting to host your script, and then it is very easy.

You can hold a free or a paid host for this job because many are available. Just googling for “free hosting sites” can make it very easy. I recommend visiting something like “000webhost”, “Hosting”, “5gbfree”. There are lots, you just need to host your hack FB script.

Phase 2

You then need to upload this FB Hack script to your hosting server. You can either use File Manager or an FTP method for it. You can download Hack FB script from here.

step 3

Once uploaded, simply copy the link to your site, it can be “”, something like that. Send this link to the potential target you want to hack.

step 4

Since your target hunting enters your FB username and password, you will receive your certificate directly in your account. This was the way to hack Facebook account online in 2 minutes for Hack Facebook Account Password Online! 100% working: Hack facebook account using url online 

Now, you see that the method described above can not be possible for everyone. The fact is that it is very difficult, time-consuming and just a headache. Not all of you are also used to handle scripts, hosting and other related parts. So is there an alternative way, some other tools that can do this for me? Yes, you are the man in the right place!

We will see some very popular and working FB Phishing sites.

The first is Basically, this site in Arabic can help you with Facebook hacking through phishing.

Hack facebook password phishing: Shadowave Apk, Anomor, Z-shadow

We have already described this method in our separate tutorial in Hackeroyalaya independently. You can read our tutorial on Hack Fb ID by sending the link here in detail ” Hack Facebook Account Password Online “

The second is Z-Shadow. This site is also very good when it comes to hacking Facebook accounts. Apart from this, it has been widely used for FB hacks last year. So I would also recommend it because it is working very experienced and efficient.

Now, the simple understanding behind this hack is that the link sent by you is not a Facebook link to Facebook, but rather made by you. You can, of course, see the certificate in your host that you used.

It was all about Facebook Hack Online Let’s proceed.

How to hack facebook messages of friends?

The next method of Facebook hack through WIFI is using the MITM approach. A concept between MITM or Man-in-the-is where you act as an agent between the attacking Facebook server and your targeted victim.

You prevent the victim from going to the server requests. As you work as an intermediary in this hack, it is called Man-in-the-Middle.

It works best with a WiFi LAN, where you are on the same network as you like.

It works like this:

Now the question is, what is the Facebook hack software or fb hacker app for this?

Yes there they go for Hack Facebook Account Password Online:

  1. Ettercap – Kali Linux.
  2. SSLStrip – Kali Linux.
  3. zANTI – Android app.
  4. Faceniff – Android app.

The best way to hack Facebook account using this approach would be using Kali Linux.

Keylogger: Hack Facebook account password software

Someone asked if there is an FB password hacker app or tool? The answer is yes.

Keylogger, geared this word ever? If yes, good. If not, Keylogger is a software, which is basically installed on the targeted host, records all the hate keystrokes by the victim and sends it to the attacker. So, you got this right. You can use this amazing tool to record keystrokes from your victim, then surely if he has entered his Facebook username and password, you will get it. Yes, you. Mind-blowing ?!

Now you will ask me where will I get the best job? So here’s a list of some well-known keyloggers:

Kikde iowl for Android

Kikde iowl for Android

Kikde iowl” is an ideal application for monitoring your loved ones, associates, employees or anyone. This app is usually used to monitor the main details typed from the target device typed. “Kikde iowl” or less known “keyboard monitor” is a software developed for one purpose, to collect keystrokes of only one targeted device and send it to the server. Users can view targeted device data manually from our server by logging in with user ID and password. This great app was introduced with simple themes of simple UI and keyboard, there are also some useful features of keyboard such as spell correction, emoji, user dictionary, Google Voice keyboard, custom theme, and more.
This free android keylogger secretly calls on your children or employees’ phones, SMSs (text messages), MMS, Whatsapp *, Facebook *, Viber, Internet activity, calendars, contacts, and many keystrokes in keystrokes Monitors So why are you waiting? Please download this amazing app and give it a try.

To hack Facebook account below, I will guide you through a few steps soon:

Phase 1
Download the app from Playstore. Link is here.

Phase 2
Register now for an account within the app or on the website.

step 3
Visit your website, login to check the hacked data.

Following are some keyloggers that may help you specially if you’re using Desktop OS:

  • Kidlogger
  • Actual Keylogger
  • Revealer Keylogger
  • Spyrix Keylogger 
  • KidLogger
  • REFOG Free Keylogger
  • DanuSoft Free Keylogger 
  • BlackBox Express

Hack Facebook account password With Username?

After all, it’s something that might look stupid. But, do not ignore Hm. It can really be very useful. Not only this particular Facebook hack method is easy, but also requires very little time and cat.

You can hack someone’s Facebook login with the user name using this simple method of Hack Facebook Account Password Online!

Phase 1

You should have the email address or username of your address that you are trying to hack. This is beneficial when the victim is finally your friend. Hey, a friend hacking, it’s good for fun.

Phase 2

Anyway, after receiving it, you have to login directly to Facebook and you will enter the username there.

step 3

Then click on “Reset Password”, then click on “Reset Password”. You must reenter the victim’s username.

Now, whether the system will ask for your password using this email, as you know you do not have access to mail, you will not be able to “access them”? Choose Hack Facebook Account Password Online

step 4

Apart from this, it will ask you how to reach. Now, enter an email which was previously not used elsewhere on Facebook.

Step 5

Then the system will ask you some questions related to your prey. Now it’s just testing and error. If you know the answer (maybe you know, if he is your friend), then type the answer and let it go. You’ve hacked it in. Reset Password and Whilla !!

Just for information, Facebook also offers another option to confirm your identity by using the identity of some trusted contacts from FB profiles of victims. If you know people, then you can also use this method. So right that Facebook account password was hacked using “reset password”. Wufu. You did it.

Summary about How to hack facebook account online

We have discussed all the different ways involved in Facebook Hack. These methods will help you hack your Facebook account password online.

Now the slightest thing is that, if you search for Facebook hacker software or something related to it, then you will find a list of those websites who claim hacking FB password directly.

People, I want to warn you here. Suppose, if you ever imagined Facebook password hacking using such tools, then you are wrong. Yes, whatever you see, the websites that promise the Facebook password hack are fake. They are finally fake 100%. So do not just fall behind those nonsense. Time is really valuable for Hack Facebook Account Password Online!

Now everything is time to wind. We have seen the most used, working and best practices for hacking Facebook account passwords. Friends, after reading this now, you will definitely try one or more of these methods. Let me be a frank, if someone does not work then goes to the second time and on the other side. But remember it only about doing so, but it is also about understanding it properly and most importantly about executing it. Only then can I assure you that it can work.

Also, if none of the above does not work for you, do not be disappointed. Maybe you are not doing it right or for any other reason. I just want to say that whatever you do, do for one purpose. Do not do this for anybody’s loss. It will add to your knowledge, but do not use it for bad intentions.

Are you enjoy ” Hack Facebook Account Password Online ” then tell us via comment or if you want get more info about this article then also comment about your issue to solve Hack Facebook Account Password Online!

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